Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kinder is blending with technology

Ms. Cortez' class has been working on blending sounds in language arts so they can learn to be better readers and writers.  Her classroom recently started using a Smartboard and the kids are fascinated with it. They are engaged during the lesson and can't wait for their turn to manipulate the board.

Ms. Matocha's class researches and creates with Power Point

Ms. Matocha's class has been researching different animals and are now creating presentations to share with each other.  Way to go second graders!

Mrs. Patterson's Fabulous Technology

Mrs. Patterson's first graders are simply letting their knowledge of the world explode with the help of technology. Read all about it!
"The Patterson Pals joined a game show this week as they played Math Jeopardy, a game designed to make math fun while reviewing place value, money, time and problem solving."

"We are creating recycling webs in Kidspiration, helping to remind us that WE are in charge of keeping our world GREEN!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First Grade Get Tech-y

Mrs. Fuchs' first graders love using technology to enhance their learning.  Recently they have been sorting words into different groups based on attributes. They learned how to change the orientation of their pages so that they had more room to create groups. They also made a table in Word to put their words into separate columns.

According to Mrs. Fuchs,
 We made a concept web for showing our progress towards personal goals of the day.  The goal was to be in the center of the page and the web had to have at least 3 ways they could color in their progress as they demonstrated their goal.
The students are using technology to enhance their personal leadership goals. Way to go, first grade!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kindergarten Gets SMART!

Mrs Woodfin recently started using a Smart Board in her Kindergarten classroom.  The students are so excited to be able to control the computer themselves by touching the board. Mrs. Woodfin has quickly started created great lessons for her students using the software.  She has been using the board in all of her subject.  According to her
  • I used the Smartboard for coin recognition and  to assess students. 
  • I show students a sight word and the student says the word.  Then they write the word and use it in a sentence. 
  • I will use the Smartboard software to write a math problem and the student will draw the answer and explain it to the class.
Student engagement always increases when they can intereact with content in meaningful ways.  Using the Smart Board is one way of doing this. Way to go Kindergarten!

Texas History Through Technology

Mrs. Williamson's class has had the opportunity to study Texas history in fourth grade.
According to Mrs. Williamson,
The students are presenting information on a variety of topics, including The Cattle Kingdom, Railroads & Industry, Oil, and Texas in WWII. They are looking at Texas' history from the late 1800s through the mid 1900s.
The students were able to chose the method of presenting their information. Many options were available, including Prezi, Powtoons, and WeVideo.  Way to go fourth grade!