Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Acceptable Use

Acceptable Use was the topic for the first few weeks of school. Anita Oliver, ITS, along with classroom teachers, reviewed the RRISD policy for Acceptable Use. This year, in compliance with SB407,  all RRISD campuses are training students in Internet Safety and Cyberbullying.

Children's Internet Protection Act
"Schools and libraries subject to CIPA are required to adopt and implement an Internet safety policy addressing: (a) access by minors to inappropriate matter on the Internet; (b) the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications . . . . " (

Once students completed the Acceptable Use training, they practiced logging in. They are off to a great start of lots of learning.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Graders in Mrs. Fuch's classroom have completed their acceptable use training and are now utilizing the grade level netbooks. Thanks to PTA, we now have some wonderful headphones that make listening and learning so much better! Today, students logged in by themselves, and were instructed to go to the library page of BPE website. Then they selected PebbleGo, one of the resources obtained through paid subscriptions. Teacher Karla Fuchs, with the help of her student intern,  instructed students to select something in "Biographies" or "Animals', and then listen/read about that topic. Afterward, they were asked to tell why it was non-fiction. 

Students can read about more things in PebbleGo at home! Just ask the teacher or librarian, Mrs. Beasley, (424-8846) or Pam Finley (424-8647) for the subscription passwords!

Human Number Line

Mrs. Reye's Second Grade Class made a Human Number Line. Students were given random numbers and were asked to line up in chronological order. Students eagerly worked so that the number line could be made in record time. Mrs. Reyes was ready with the flip camera to film them as they progressed through the lesson.