Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Third Grade Art Blasts Off

There has been so much research into the importance of the arts education in elementary school.  When students can seamlessly combine art and technology to enhance their learning, amazing things happen.

Ms. Mitchell's third grade students created space ships through water color. They were then asked to imagine what sound their ship would make as it flew through the cosmos.  The students used an app on the IPad to create their ship propulsion noise and record it.  The sounds were then turned into QR codes, Visitors can scan the QR codes attached to the spaceships hanging in the hallway to visit these amazing creative projects.

Traveling the World through Google Earth

Students in Laurie Reyes' second grade classroom have started using technology to direct their own learning. They have integrated multiple applications, Google Apps for Education, and Google Earth into many different disciplines.  They are creating new ways in which to enhance their learning!

According to Mrs. Reyes,
For the last two weeks, my class has been working to identify and learn information about the seven continents. During this time, we have discovered Google Earth and the students are having a blast!  We use Google Earth to look up continents, countries and historical landmarks. The enthusiasm for Google Earth has now spilled over into our partner reading time. Three of my students found a book about landmarks around the world and came to me with a plan. Their idea was to read about three landmarks three at a time (each student choosing one) and then search for the landmarks on Google Earth. It wasn't our customary way of partner reading, but it sounded like fun, so now we are excited about reading and traveling the world!

Way to go, second graders!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Creating Dinosaurs

Fifth grade used technology to create dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs had to be able to survive in a specific environment. Students had to decide whether their dinosaur was a carnivore or herbivore and give the dinosaurs adaptations to allow them to eat.

Way to go future paleontologists!

PowToons Partners in Fifth Grade

Mrs. Reynolds' fifth grade students worked with a partner on researching alternative energy sources. Mrs. Reynolds reported:
Over the last week, we have been working with a partner to research alternative energy sources that are replacing our dependence on fossil fuels. Once the research was completed, partners have been creating a PowToons presentation.