Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Have you ever wondered?

Fourth grade students are exploring many wonderful things in the world including how seedless fruits are made, how we know if animals are color blind, and why chewing gum can make your ears pop. Wonderopolis is a website that allows students to answers these questions and many more through videos and text.  After learning about their wonder and recording their findings, students were able to take a fun "Did you get it quiz?" to test their comprehension.

Keep wondering, fourth grade!

Wild Weather Captured!

Mrs. Brewer's first grade students have studied weather in many different ways over the last weeks. They have observed local weather patterns and researched other types of weather using books and online resources.  Students were able to choose such topics as blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Once the students had completed their research and written their notes, they created Power Point slideshows collaboratively with a partner.  Students took turns creating slides and adding in pictures to enhance their presentations.

Way to go, first graders!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Postcards from Texas

Students from Mrs. Wood's class at Ridgeview Middle School partnered with students from Mrs. Scott's fourth grade class on an assignment about Texas.  The seventh graders created digital posters about Texas. They sent them for the fourth graders to view and learn from. The fourth graders in turn created postcards about moving to Texas.  The collaboration among the students excited both classes. Mrs. Robin Young, the Instructional Technology Specialist helped the seventh graders and then came to help in the fourth grade class.

The students not only learned about Texas but had a wonderful time doing it!