Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music from Dr. Hazlewood's Class, using "Jam Studio"

Here are some chord sequences that were used in the music classes!  Using  the Jam Studio website, students made their own music.    Don't forget to check the loop page box to make it keep playing!

Try it!

Dr. Hazlewood will add more -
The Lion Sleeps Tonight                G C G D

I Gotta Feeling                   G G C C Em Em C C

Dynamite              Am G C F

Firework         G Am Em C

Viva La Vida        C D G Em

Banjo Music (By Ms. Kessler's Class's original creation)             G Bm C D

Baby Please Don't Go       C Em G Am

Don't Stop Believing            G D Em C

You Belong With Me

D A Em G two times
Em D G A two times