Friday, November 21, 2014

Third Grade Communicates Electronically

Mrs. Plowman and Valerie Rollans worked with Mrs. Plowman's third grade students to teach them how to use their district email accounts.  According to Mrs. Plowman:
My students were so excited today to feel like such older kids to have an email account. They were talking all morning today and saying, "At 11:00 we get our email!" Of course, the first people they emailed were myself and Ms. Rollans. I enjoyed seeing their excitement and independence at being able to communicate with technology. When we returned to the room, they told me, "Check your email! How many did you get?" The messages were so sweet and conveyed their genuine appreciation at being able to do this. I also communicated with their parents that they received their email accounts. I hope this helps with communication among all.
We are so proud of our third grades as they practice their writing skills in an authentic situation.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Missions, Presidios, & Early Towns

Fourth graders recently completed a web quest over missions, presidios, and early towns in social studies.  This was an interesting way to learn facts about early settlement in Texas.  Thanks Mrs. Williamson for sharing this activity with us.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Future Advertising Executives?

Advertising Executives?

Fifth grade students worked in small groups to bring history alive by becoming advertisers for one of the 13 original colonies of the United States. Students had to analyze information from the textbook to determine the pros and cons of moving to the colony to which they were assigned.

McKade, Jacob, Trevor and Justin from Ms. Eskridge’s
homeroom working together to design a commercial for colonial Massachusetts.

Groups of fifth graders had to collaborate to create a billboard and a commercial to complete an “advertising campaign” to convince their classmates to want to move to their colony. Students in Ms. Eskridge’s and Mrs. Reynold’s homerooms used the Google App called “WeVideo” to record, compile, edit and present their projects to the class. We had to learn not only how to use the app itself, but also how to troubleshoot microphone/ camera issues!

Eliana, Gaby, Shreya, Naya and Natalie from
Mrs. Reynold’s homeroom use the WeVideo app 
out in the hallway to record their commercial!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Learning Together Is Better In Round Rock

"Wait, I think you click here to insert the picture."  Second grade has been learning about the history and importance of Round Rock, Texas.  After researching Round Rock through the official Round Rock website and watching videos about the history of Round Rock, the students created a brochure about the city.

The best part of the brochure creation was that students partnered up to create it.  The student and their partner each used one computer and helped remind the other about facts they have learned in addition to what steps were needed to create the brochure in Publisher. The conversations we heard among the students showed the depth of their involvement.  We were very impressed with our hard working second graders!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Texas Our Texas

"I found a picture of a mocking bird! Did you know it's the state bird?"  Our first grade students were so excited to get to use Publisher to create a brochure about Texas.  They found clip art relating to Texas then inserted and re-sized the pictures. They also included several facts about Texas they had researched.

Way to go, first grade!