Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Go On A Scavenger Hunt with PebbleGo

Second graders in Mrs. Christina Young's class visited the laptop lab with a special Scavenger Hunt in hand. Various famous people were to be located in the biography section of PebbleGo, an online resource for students. 
Student listening to narrative...

Selecting biography from list of categories...
PebbleGo Biographies features 12 main categories, featuring both traditional and less traditional biographies. It includes articles on the person's early life, life"s work, milestones, and legacy. The articles are fully narrated, includes animated highlighting, educational videos and games, and much more.
Using animated highlighting...
PebbleGo can be accessed at school and from home. If accessing on computers other than RRISD computers, you will need to have the user name and password. Please ask the teacher, Mrs. Beasley, or Mrs. Oliver for those passwords.
Scavenger hunt complete!
  Each student was to list accomplishments or contributions of various famous people. Students were able to accomplish a lot of research in very little time.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Kinder Canales Class Conquers the Keyboard!

Students in Mrs. Canale's Kindergarten class were assisted by Mrs. Platte's fourth grade students in the Computer Lab. The helpers assisted them in logging in to the computer, navigating to the program, and opening the correct lesson.

The kindergarten students completed a lesson in, in which they were to use all the basic drawing tools to make a picture.

Students were also taught the difference in logging off the computer and shutting it down. Now that the fundamentals are conquered, students will be able to accomplish so much more on the